Everything your take away business needs

OrderTree was built by listening to experts in their field and, above all, how they work efficiently.   



This is where it gets really interesting for your business.
Use OrderTree in the kitchen as an assistant and in your preparation and handling with your customer.

  • Notification with every incoming order
  • Different views (timeline, lists ...) of your orders
  • Checking off prepared products
  • Create your own orders
  • Generate a QR code per order to let your customers pay in your business.
  • Export orders to Excel
  • Checklists (October 2020)


Get more sales by publishing all your products with a nice photo.
A seasonal product or a product temporarily unavailable? You can easily set them as inactive with one click.

  • Create and manage products
  • Assign allergen information
  • Deactivate (temporarily) products
  • Create categories and assign products


Get to know your customers by looking at their order history. You will immediately find every customer.

  • Manage customers and their data
  • View orders per customer


Do you want to (temporarily) grant special customers a discount?
You give your promotion a code that you can share on social media or on your own brochures.
Each promotion gets an additional discount amount or percentage and a start and end date.
That 's it.

  • Create promotions with code and percentage or amount
  • Consult customers per promotion


We make sure you don't miss anything!
You can easily find all notifications should you have missed something.

  • Notifications for new incoming order
  • Consult list of all messages
  • Notifications for improving your website


The more beautiful your website, the more customers, the more turnover.
We make it easy by preparing a few things for you and you provide the finishing touch!
You enter your opening hours and how many orders you can handle per 15 minutes.
OrderTree ensures that your order book fills up properly.

  • Personalize with color and banners
  • The website proposes the best pick-up times to your customers
  • Vacation Notice
Visit an example OrderTree website


With Insights, OrderTree learns you more about your business.
Based on this, you can make smart decisions that will take your business to new heights!

  • Which customers order the most?
  • What are my top products?
  • What are my top days?
  • And much more ...


In the configuration you can change all your settings yourself.
You will find it a pitty that we will have so little contact ;-)!

  • Edit all information about your case
  • Set opening hours/holidays


  • Print receipts with Epson TM printers
  • Print orders in A4 format
  • ...