5 Christmas ideas for your takeaway!

Your customers choose for your takeaway because you make a difference.
You do that with great food, with an original service, with providing extra services, a great smile... If you want a stable takeaway business with returning customers, you make a nice combination of many of those things and you keep reinventing your business and your service.

And it's those efforts that people will talk about and will post on their social media.
Some ideas to get you started:

1. Make your logo Christmas-y

If you don't have much design skills, don't worry... It doesn't have to be very fancy, make it refreshing or even funny!
Upload it in OrderTree, change it on Facebook/Instagram


2. Share your Christmas/New Year's eve menus

Make a great design of your Christmas menu (with pictures!) and post it asap on your social media!
Also print it and add it to the basket of each customer.

BONUS: Add products that are not on your normal menu.

3. Post your opening hours/pickup dates during the holidays on your social media.

It's important  for your customers to know that they can also order before and between Christmas and new year.
Bonus: add a hyperlink to your OrderTree website!

4. Not fully booked? Spread it!

Are you still not full booked for Christmas eve or New year's eve, post every 2 days a banner on your Facebook page to remind people that they still can order.
A lot of people are thinking to order quite late and will appreciate the reminder.


5. Get creative!

The more creative, the more chance your customers will share it on social media. There are  plenty of things to do that don't require big effort, some ideas:
- Create a unique Christmas drink or add a some gluhwein to your menu.
- Create a christmas brunch box.
- Create a special budget friendly dish to be ordered between Christmas and new year (for people who got broke because of spending too much money on their Christmas gifts)
- Add a small side dish as a giveaway to your customers orders.
- Share in 5 parts a picture of how your Christmas menu looks like.
- If people have to wait outside (Covid...), put a can with hot gluhwein/tea outside. (but keep it Covid proof...)


Have more ideas? Write us: